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Already Gone….

The scars that are left on my body

The blood that has flowed from my skin…

And somehow, it felt like my heart stopped when I slept that moment… And I remember crying before that…


How am I going to go on with my life? I’m not sure…

But when I woke up knowing you were already gone… I didn’t know why I wasn’t crying… I hated myself for knowing that I didn’t cry for you… But then… It felt like you were helping me keep the tears back from my eyes….

So I guess I have a bit of guideline in my life…

I’ll pray for you, and hopefully…. You’ll be watching and happy all the time….


[Already gone]


Recently I’ve been up to Youtube to hear this particular song with a beautiful arrangement planned out for this song by a talented musician. Though the only thing holding me back is my piano exams.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE playing music on the piano as much as I do on the guitar, but piano exams are a whole different thing from that. I have always thought that piano was one instrument that I was really good at and that I’d never ever fail in it, but when I get older and the grades get higher, I thought myself wrong.

Until recently, I even felt myself losing my sanity if I didn’t play my scales right. Not just because I’m playing for myself, but for those who are expecting me to do better. I am terribly sorry that I can’t make it to the standard that I’m suppose to be at, but I keep trying… And I don’t want to let anyone who’s expecting so much from me down.

So, pretty much I have to practice hard and I will do whatever it takes to improve….

And I believe that even if I fail my exams this time, I will still get back up on my feet and try again…. Cause I’m never done with music.


My exams are in the start of July… So, gambate ne myself >_<

The song I wanted to play is, Sanctuary from Kingdom Hearts II, the beautiful arrangement can be found at…

It’s beautiful, like music

Our schools’ Gavel club will be hosting a speech competition, and since I’ve decided to try doing somethings worthwhile in my last year of high school, I decided to give it a shot. It will b held on the 30th of April and it will also be an interschool level competition, so we’ll meet other students from other schools.

So… The theme for the speeches are freestyle, so we can have a topic about anything we would like to present about, which I think is a REALLY good thing, because it gives me more freedom to choose what I would like to present on that day. So this morning when I was on my bus on the way to school, I thought about a rare but interesting topic for my speech, urban legends.

Since me and my relatives (we’re really close to each other) were talking about it a couple of weeks ago, so it’s no wonder I had this idea on my mind this morning, since the fear of the stories caught my attention in both fear and interest.

My cous was telling us about a few stories about urban legends and then they totally creep me out (more than some) so I’ve decided to go with the idea… Hope it works…

I don’t really want to spoil my ideas and I dont know where my cousin got the urban legend stories that he told us that day from, but here is a good link to urban legends…

So far this is the only site I’ve visited, but it sounds quite good, and scary.. Happy readin!

Big Time Rush <3!

Even though from the start, I already started to like Big Time Rush, but now, I just started catchin up on their second season.

I don’t usually watch tv all the time, so I don’t get to catch up on the latest episodes and shows all the time. So if you find me sitting in front of my laptop watching countless episodes of dramas and movies, please don’t blame me >_< (I don’t watch it all the time, just once in a while). So in these few days, I’ve started searching and updating my brain bout BTR XD! By catchin up on the second season and listening to their songs, and also watching their interviews…

All the boys are really great and cool, and I really am happy that they’ve made their dreams come true. If I had to choose one of them, I’d pick Logan as the best from all 4 of them, but they are all really talented and I like watching them perform and dance, especially.

Kendall, James, Carlos & Logan!!! You Guys ROCK!! Love watchin the show too! Its Hilarious and cool!

Praying for a nation

As many of us know about the disaster happening in Japan, I pray hard for the people’s wellbeing and hopefully the aid given to them will help them out through this dark time in their lives.

I personally have never experienced a natural disaster in my life before, but I thank God that I have yet to… But looking at the results of the tsunami and the pained faces of the Japanese citizens, I know that I have a part in praying for their safe-being and that they recover from their losses soon.

Honestly, I myself am crazy and awed at Japanese culture, mostly in animes (love em soooo much) but I don’t pray for that, but for all the people…

I found this on facebook and its Ciel  from my fav anime/manga, Kuroshitsuji

Please pray for a country in need, they need your help and they need God….

P.S: I don’t own this beautiful fanart, and I don’t take any credit for it!

23 March’s second post

I have the song, “inside out” by hillsong stuck in my head, and thats a good thing, ain’t it? The chorus is the part where I remember most,

Everlasting, your love will shine when all else fades Never ending, goes beyond all fame

And then the rest of the chorus is the sound of myself humming. I never thought I liked Praise and Worship songs until recently when I started singing them randomly (like I normally do, I sing songs that are stuck in my head most of the time). It’s weird how we can do things so unconciously and we’re not aware of it, until after a period of time or when someone points out the fact. But this time, I’m praising God unconciously? Weird, but awesomness~~

So, updates for today (just after writing my first post)… Nothing special in school, the weather was cooling, which makes it a perfect day for a little snooze time, but i just managed to get 10 minutes or so in school (during my free periods, of course). Was thinking about my character’s profile for my new work, and the title is still in production (well, not quite, I just can’t figure out which title to choose, but I will say so soon) and of course, ideas for the next chapter of my ongoing work, Clear Waltz.

I’ve finally decided on a deadline on when I want the first book of Clear Waltz done, to prevent myself rfom slacking off, and that day is on the 31st of May…. Thats quite near…. T.T but, Gambate!!

Praying for Japan, Gambate ne!! Don’t give up hope… and I also hope that my fav mangakas are alright, and hopefully the citizens of Japan will find comfort and peace in God…. =<

WEE!! Well with much consideration, I’ve decided to make a blog here, i know its not gonna be useful, and it’ll be filled with lots of unwanted things, but meh… I don’t even know why I want a blog in a first place…. Ah well, just have to make the best outta something…. =) Just have to figure out what…

Tomorrow (24/3) is the birthday of a precious friend of mine, she’s not really the type to speak up, but if she does, she can be very straightforward about it, but I’m not saying thats entirely a bad thing, but every one has something we don’t like about, I’m no exception, but I just want to take up this chance on my first blogpost to say, HAPPY BDAY TO YOU SUMMER~~~~~~<3 I know the crap I’ve written to u isn’t exactly the best present, but I hoped u liked it =) You’re beautiful in every way that you are now, don’t try to deny that fact 😉